Fight to SOAR (Save Our American Rivers) is an exploration of our Nations Rivers, lakes, and aquatic ecosystems as seen through the eyes of the outdoorsman.  Fight to SOAR has partnered with Boardworks Surf, Joshua Tree Skin Care, Mountain Khakis, Greens Plus, Watershed Drybags, Warbonnet Outdoors and various others to embark on this project combining stewardship, science, exploration, adventure, and sport all into one package to show the true outdoorsman lifestyle. Gabriel and Natalie will be leading the project while being joined by a unique cast from partnering organizations, spending the first year documenting the ACF Water Basin, Lake Superior, and other inland waterways.  Fight to SOAR encourages others to paddle along with them, including team riders from Boardworks Surf and various other athletes. Paddle Location and Dates*subject to change. 
Upper Flint River, April 10th-18th; Gore Creek for the Gopro Mountain Games, June 4th-8th; Lake Superior and St. Louis River, Oct 8th-11th; Chattahoochee River, Dates TBA; Apalachicola River, Dates TBA. Paddleboarder and Outdoorsman Gabriel Gray will explore many US Rivers, lakes and parks throughout the year. Along the way he will hike, camp, and paddle and hold meet and greets and cleanups where possible and leave the waterways and lands in better condition than when he arrived. Fight to SOAR will team up with local orgs. that serves as ambassadors for local waterways or lands to highlight the work they’re doing to protect their local area. Along the way we will attend festivals, events, and competitions that showcase the love and support for our nations waterways! Follow the Adventure: Fight to SOAR will use the power of Social Media to share this exploration. Shared daily through blogs, photos, videos all to be posted on the Fight to SOAR face book page and Instagram page. Facebook:; Instagram: @GRAYOUTDOORS.