New Web Series for Gray Outdoors!


Good morning everyone, while preparing for our upcoming Montana expedition, I'm also preparing for hunting season and yes that's the new Garmin Virb Xe mounted on my bow.    Which brings me to another bit of news. Gray Outdoors will be launching a new SUP web series in 2016 bringing you hunting, Fly Fishing, Bow/Spear fishing, conservation and camping all on a SUP, while showcasing the wild outdoors we need to protect.

The Wilderness is open!!


Exciting news everyone! The Bob Marshal Wilderness in MT has received a promising amount of rain and the land is safe to enter, especially by horseback. The date for Fight To SOAR's South Fork Flathead Expedition presented by AFTCO - American Fishing Tackle Co. & sponsored by Garmin and Optrix has been set for October 2-10. This trip will showcase the importance of the US Wild and Scenic River Designation Act and the need to protect our nation's water resources. Now that this exciting trip has been moved to a later date, we will get to present the fall colors and the newly scorched terrain that brings new life all while enduring more challenging environmental obstacles such as, colder elements and a change in river flow. We hope this trip will be awe-inspiring to the audience as much as it will be to us enduring this wondrous adventure. Again to the new audience the trip outline includes arriving to the source via pack animal and Stand-up Paddling 60+ miles down the river on none other than Boardworks Surf SUPs while advocating water and river conservation, promoting stewardship, and showing y'all how amazing Mother Nature is, even possibly motivating more to get out and explore! We would like to thank our main and secondary sponsors (listed below) because without them this trip would not be possible and more importantly we would like to thank all of our suporters that follow us. The Orvis Company, GeigerRig, Watershed Drybags, Southern Raft Supply, astral footwear, CavemanCoffeeCo, Joshua Tree Skin Care, GO PUCK, Warbonnet Outdoors LLC, Mountain Khakis, YETI Coolers, EPIC bar, NOCQUA

Montana date change


With sad news we are forced to announce the postponing of the Montana Expedition presented by AFTCO, sponsored by Garmin and Optrix. This morning we awoke to news of the temporary closure of the Bob Marshall Wilderness in the Spotted and Great bear regions due to intense wildfires throughout the area. Safety is the main concern for all parties involved especially the pack animals that would have taken our gear and us to the source. With 17000, yes you read that right, thousand acres scorched within 4 hours we are not willing to take that risk of not having a way out, besides the recommendations by our local friends at Paddle Fish Sports and  the wonderful and beyond helpful US park service in the area. 

On Wednesday, after the partial closure of the upper half of the Southfork the plans were to continue the adventure and leave by either float plane, hiking 30 miles, or meeting up with an outfitter to pack us back out. These plans would have never been feasible without Southern Raft Supply, Watershed Drybags and additional support from AFTCO to sponsor the changed extraction point, and for that we cannot thank them enough. 

We plan to stay with the original adventure plans that took so long to create and attempt this journey in early October. We are so appreciative of  the understanding and loyal support of our fantastic sponsors. 




Fight to SOARs Montana expedition presented by: American Fish and Tackle Co.

Sponsored by: Optrix and Garmin


For the past few years we have been paddling and documenting threatened rivers throughout the U.S. I am excited to announce the dates for the newest Fight to SOAR expedition presented by AFTCO! The exploration will take place in one of the wildest places in the country, the Bob Marshall Wilderness of Montana, Aug. 31st - Sept. 7th.  This trip will showcase the South Fork of the Flathead River, which is a wild pristine waterway untouched by industry. Four outdoorsmen and avid surfers will embark on one of the most unique stand up paddle adventures to date. 

  The South Fork of the Flathead is one of the few rivers in Montana that is federally dedicated as a wild and scenic river.  It’s the fifth largest wilderness in the lower 48 and considered one of the country's wildest places, as it holds rare and threatened species such as bull trout as well as the highest grizzly bear population outside of Alaska. Since wheeled or motorized modes of transportation are not allowed in the Bob Marshall the Gray Outdoors team will pack in their gear on horseback to the source of the river. We will then SUP and fly fish our way down the river documenting its wild beauty and pristine waters, and then hike are way out. 

  Montana has arguably some of the cleanest rivers in the country but as our population and industry grows these rivers are feeling the pressure of industry and growth. Wild and scenic river designations are important but it can only do so much, the rest is up to us. A great example of this comes from our trip earlier this year on the Buffalo National River, which is being threatened by a large hog concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO.) The South Fork of the Flathead River is lucky to be surrounded by over a million acres providing protection but its waters and vast species are beginning to see the signs of growth. 

  A big part of Gray Outdoors expeditions is not only to spread awareness for our rivers but also to create an adventure for the viewers. We will showcase gear along the way from sponsors utilized in the elements. These sponsorships  help make our conservation efforts and adventures possible. By doing this we grab the attention of our youth and adults and hopefully inspire and create stewardship for our waterways and lands.