Fight to SOARs Montana expedition presented by: American Fish and Tackle Co.

Sponsored by: Optrix and Garmin


For the past few years we have been paddling and documenting threatened rivers throughout the U.S. I am excited to announce the dates for the newest Fight to SOAR expedition presented by AFTCO! The exploration will take place in one of the wildest places in the country, the Bob Marshall Wilderness of Montana, Aug. 31st - Sept. 7th.  This trip will showcase the South Fork of the Flathead River, which is a wild pristine waterway untouched by industry. Four outdoorsmen and avid surfers will embark on one of the most unique stand up paddle adventures to date. 

  The South Fork of the Flathead is one of the few rivers in Montana that is federally dedicated as a wild and scenic river.  It’s the fifth largest wilderness in the lower 48 and considered one of the country's wildest places, as it holds rare and threatened species such as bull trout as well as the highest grizzly bear population outside of Alaska. Since wheeled or motorized modes of transportation are not allowed in the Bob Marshall the Gray Outdoors team will pack in their gear on horseback to the source of the river. We will then SUP and fly fish our way down the river documenting its wild beauty and pristine waters, and then hike are way out. 

  Montana has arguably some of the cleanest rivers in the country but as our population and industry grows these rivers are feeling the pressure of industry and growth. Wild and scenic river designations are important but it can only do so much, the rest is up to us. A great example of this comes from our trip earlier this year on the Buffalo National River, which is being threatened by a large hog concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO.) The South Fork of the Flathead River is lucky to be surrounded by over a million acres providing protection but its waters and vast species are beginning to see the signs of growth. 

  A big part of Gray Outdoors expeditions is not only to spread awareness for our rivers but also to create an adventure for the viewers. We will showcase gear along the way from sponsors utilized in the elements. These sponsorships  help make our conservation efforts and adventures possible. By doing this we grab the attention of our youth and adults and hopefully inspire and create stewardship for our waterways and lands.